Unit Overview

All units in Heavenstrike Rivals fall under one of six classes. Each class has its own movement and attack style, and class skill.

Movement: 3 Squares
Attack Range: 1 Square
Class Skill: Double Strike

With 3 squares of movement and the ability to attack twice per turn, Scouts can quickly prove to be a threat on the battlefield, taking out vulnerable units and creating pressure on Captains. Scouts however aren't generally suited to taking on enemy units compared to Fighters or Defenders. Most Scouts have low HP and ATK, leaving them vulnerable to high ATK and/or protected units.

Movement: 2 squares
Attack Range: 1 square
Class Skill: Fury

Fighters, as their name suggest, excel at hitting everything in their path, whether it be unit or Captain. Their Fury ability means that Fighters will power up each combat, becoming stonger with each turn they continue to stay alive. Fighters also tend to have reasonable to high ATK for their mana cost, making them threats from the moment they are deployed.

Movement: 2 squares
Attack Range: 1 square
Class Skill: Taunting Strike

Like Fighters, Defenders also move 2 squares and attack directly in front. Where the fighter though excels in punching through units, Defenders excel at forcing units to fight them, thanks to Taunting Strike. Defenders also tend to have high HP and damage reduction or HP recovery skills, allowing them to stall enemy units for multiple turns. Defenders however have low to average ATK, and should not be expected to win combats they are in without support.

Movement: 1 square
Attack Range: 3 squares
Class Skill: Piercing shot

Gunners have the unique ability to strike multiple units for full damage, making them well suited for clearing out lines of enemy units. The Gunner class also features the most number of units with skills that make targets vulnerable.

However, Gunners have intersting traits when attacking enemy units and Captains. When attacking enemy units, Gunners will only advance if there are no enemy units in their attack path. So long as one enemy remains, Gunners will hold theirground. When attacking a Captain, Gunners will always hold their ground 2 squares away from the enemy deployment zone. Finally, as long as an enemy unit is in its deployment zone, Gunners attacking that unit cannot deal damage to the enemy Captain with the same attack.

Movement: 1 square
Attack Range: 3 squares
Class Skill: Blast

Mages may move slow, but like gunners they tend to pack a punch. The mage class sports lots of units with offensive unit skills, and Blast means that enemy units adjecant to whatever was attacked will also take damage. Mages also share the same attack traits as gunners, both for attacking enemy units and Captains.

Movement: 1 square
Attack Range: 2 squares
Class Skill: Heal

Priests are the healers of Heavenstrike Rivals, and should be treated as such. Rather then being at the front of the battle field, Priests are intended to hide behind friendly units and attack with their 2 square attack range. Priests also generally have less than average HP and low ATK, but offer excellent support effects for your squad as a whole.

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