Squad Building

Each time you go into battle you command what is termed a 'Squad'.

Squads comprise of up to 1 Vanguard and 14 tokens, or units. Note that the game uses 'Unit' and 'Token' interchangeably, and these mean are the same thing.

  • The Vanguard is a token that appears as your Squad's avatar in the Select Squad screen. In addition, the Vanguard will always be the first token you start with in a battle.

The only restriction in Squad Building is that a Squad can't have more than 2 of the same tokens in a Squad.

  • A Promoted Unit is not considered the same as an Unpromoted Unit.

A Squad's Captain may also have one skill. All Skills that affect friendly tokens last for one turn except where stated, which last for 2 turns. "Lightning Burst I" is first unlocked by completing the PvP tutorial, and the other skills are unlocked by completing Act I, Mission VII - The Stranger. The list of Captain skills are as follows:

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