Heavenstrike Rivals FAQ

QUESTION: How do I promote my units?

ANSWER: Please refer to the Promoting Units page for how promoting units works.


  • Will promotion increase skill rank?

Yes, promotion increase skill rank by 1.


  • How do I level skill otherwise?

By 'sacrificing' a unit that has the same skill in training. Ie. If I train my Rage Brute on skill rank 3 with another level 1 Rage Brute, my original rank 3 unit will increase to rank 4.

You may train with multiple units to increase skill rank by multiple levels.


  • Is F2P viable in this game?

Absolutely, as with most games if you play smart you can still be competitive with HSR. Although you may need to dedicate a good amount of time to do so.


  • Are there any ways to earn Cores (in-game currency) in this game without paying?
  1. Every story mission gives 2 Cores upon completion (only on first completion).
  2. Completing "Core Collector" mission gives 1 core, but can only be done once a day. "Core Collector" mission consumes 10 supplies.
  3. Completing "HardCore Collector" mission will have a chance of giving 1 core, can be done as many times as you wish. "HardCore Collector" mission consumes 25 supplies.


  • Will there be Captains with over 10 hp?

Possibly in the future, right now only AI captains can have less than or more than 10 HP.


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